As the first company to launch a web-based skin disease and illness detection system, Munchron offers its skin, oral (internal mouth/throat), and even facial to object detection API's to small to large-scale companies looking for hi-tech methods and years of experience in developing complex systems in a single end-point without the development and staffing cost.


Come take a gander at how Munchron can build your next service and bundle it with other services we offer at a fraction of the time and cost.

Building Process



The Idea

All you need is an idea and we can help come up with the best solution of how to make your idea come to life.


Create & Build

After working with you and/or your team, we'll try to build concept designs and processes to find the most affordable way to build your future product. 



Every aspect of what we produce for you, is specific in every way. When we help launch your endpoint, website, or physical product, nothing is ever short of perfect and unique to ensure your perfect product launch.

Our Expertise

Munchron is built on the basis of being technology first...

We believe that understanding the latest in web technologies requires having team members who can actually understand what our clients needs are before they even know and how to build it in order to be successful. 

Machine Learning (M.L.) 95%
Web Development 85%
Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) 95%
Customer Service Driven 100%
Automatic Neural Networks (ANN) 75%


Cavity detection in seconds using Munchron..

With the power of Munchron A.I./ML technology at its core, Cavity will permit you to scan the insides of a human mouth using your phone camera or one of Munchrons external USB or Wireless Cameras (as seen in our kits).

For less than $1.00, get the limited time offer to access scanner for the next thirty days before it becomes per-scan pricing in the Google Play Store. Also, pre-order one of the new Munchron external cameras for LIVE video viewing and the most hi-end oral camera scanner.

Skin Disease & Illness

Fastest way to determine skin issues in a snap...

In the USA alone, Americans suffer from undiagnosed skin diseases and unknown illnesses daily due to underinsured or no insurance. Munchron set out to start changing that statistic.

At Munchron, we've been developing dozens of ML models where we can determine skin issues like Acne, Herpes, Chickenpox, variations of STDs/STIs. Using our web-based interface, you can easily find out if you may need to make an appoint with your doctor to diagnose a potential issue where you may not have had the courage to previously.

Bed Bug Detection 

Instantly find out if you've come across bed bugs...

Bed Bugs can be a tricky thing to detect, but with Munchrons new Bed Bug Detection tool, using A.I. and ML we can help determine in most cases if you've come across those pesky little bugs and in seconds.

As an exterminator, hotel/motel supervisor, or just a homeowner, BBD is a quick and easy tool to just snap a photo and find out if you've come across one of these little hard to exterminate bugs. 

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Munchron specializes in advanced Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Neural Networks, Machine Learning, and website/web app development for small to large-scale companies who need top-notch services at an affordable rate and with precision and speed.

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