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Munchron, LLP. is the first ever company to provide new types of ways Machine Learning is put into the hands of everyday people. Cavity, our new Android App (free) that lets you scan your mouth with (or without) our USB-C Camera to find any sign of cavities...


Who are we...

We've dedicated our lives to Artificial Intellligence, Machine Learning, and Artificial neural network's to build the future of automated detections.


We run as a lean team, each member serves his/her purpose and does it quite well. Being on our team, means you're likely the best in your field and willing to live in Vegas to build the future.


As we're a lean startup, we're always interested in taking on overly large ideas and make them reality. If you have a an idea or a bussiness that could benefit from our work, we'll help you succeed!


Using our custom made functions to build detections for Herpes to Cavities in the palm of your hands or a field-based robot to tell you when to pick your veggies for the best harvest (crème de la crème).


Munchron, LLP. is based in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada (USA), just miniutes away from the Las Vegas Strip. Building Medical and non-Medical scans for local Gaming to Medical Clinics.

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Our Mobile Camera

As our scans can work fairly well with the normal Mobile phone camera, to hit specific herpes that can be focused on, to cavities in the mouth with our flexible 'arm' that can fit in to the back of your mouth for checking cavities as well as other oral scans we offer ala carte or as a discounted package.

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Find one of our App's in your Mobile phones App Store, download the desired App in the Store (or visit our web-scanner), and link your your App's with your Munchron Member Account.


Now that you've tried our services, share, and explore other scans we offer and continue to join the ride into the handheld future!

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Existing OR Custom Models.

No matter if you're trying to build an App/Tool to detect a specific skin disease or need to be able to determine if your carrots are ready to pick, we got you!

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